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What Time is it Anyway?

Updated: May 8, 2020

We don't know what day we are in, let alone what time it is!


The quarantine days are all running together and we often don't know what day we are in and sure as heck not sure what time it is! We have decided to stop the overwhelming feeling of everyday being the same (we can all admit it does feel a lot like Groundhogs Day, you know the movie) we needed a need plan.

A daily schedule to help move the day along to create routine, as humans are creatures of habit and at this time most of us are living a new normal. Being confined to our homes we need to break up the monotony. Don't get us wrong, we believe staying home is a privilege because there are essential heros out there who cannot.

Setting a routine has been helpful, but we cannot perform our daily routine without a great nights sleep. We came together to provide you with our tips for getting a great nights sleep. Check it out below!

Tips for a good nights sleep

  1. Every morining make your bed, it alwasy feels better to slide into a made bed.

  2. Change into pajamas or whatever you wear to bed, even if you're changing you day pjs for your night pjs.

  3. Turn the TV off at least 60 mins prior to bed.

  4. Develop a nightly routine and stick to it each and every night, this can include drinking a cup of tea then washing your face and brushing your teeth, etc.

  5. Create a cozy, beautiful space that will invite your to slumber.

  6. De-clutter your room, clutter can lead to stress. Be sure to keep work out of your bedroom, it is a sacred place.

  7. White noise and complete darkness are also helpful.

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