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"Life isn't perfect, But your outfit can be!" (but it doesn't mean you feel ok)

Dress+Clutch+ Earrings (Waverly Paige Boutique)

So, I chose this quote because my life is far from perfect, however, if you looked at most of our Instagram feed it looks pretty nice. Well, I have battled with perfectionism and anxiety my entire life. I have sought treatment and use various techniques to make life as good as possible-highs and lows are part of the ride. If it weren't for Dr. T, I wouldn't have two wonderful children and a happy, thriving, and unconditional loving household. It is important for anyone coming on this journey to know this about me. I am doing well and I am able to create in this space, because I have the appropriate support and care.

These are all Amazon dresses and are linked HERE

And one of my passions is putting together great looks/decor or make-up for an affordable cost. I love making my friends feel beautiful, because every single person is beautiful and we all have a something unique to share with the world. So, clear your mind and find the time to look what feels BEST to you.

My favorite places to shop for dresses are boutiques and amazon! Click the links under the photos to shop dresses at my favorite boutiques.

These boutique dresses are unique and beautiful. Perfect for a special event, because they aren't in every store. Amazon is my go-to for inexpensive options for everyday wear.

I hope you can rock your favorite dress at your event and feel YOUR best because we all deserve that. And remember this is a highlight reel and behind every cultivated blog/instagram is a person that is traveling on a journey of highs and lows.



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