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Spring Arrivals after a Bitter Winter

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Fun trends for Spring and YES, the 90's have made a full return and I AM HERE FOR IT!

The real question is, are you? I'm also talking style as a tool to express yourself or the need to create a look to trick yourself into feeling a certain way. It can be a powerful tool when you need it and know how to use it-right!

I'm loving the 90's straight leg denim (abercrombie) for pairing with wedges, booties (Steve Madden) or heels and a spring top. Click the links for my favorite denim and booties for Spring.

Trends I am loving:

(typically shot at boutiques/department store/amazon)

  • Off the shoulder tops and dresses

  • Boho dresses mini or maxi with booties

  • Overalls and HATS (always)

Go visit Style Trolley and click on my link to go to my Amazon shop or Liketoknowit!

On a more personal note, all of these images are un-edited. Why? Honestly, because I have two boys that are my world and I do not have the time. In addition, I think that I can get sucked into looking perfect or having the perfect life-which is not healthy for me.

Currently, life has been difficult, we are navigating a new journey in searching for a diagnosis for our youngest son, Miles, his story is one of the first posts I wrote when beginning this blogging journey. I plan to do a post about the day/week/month in the life of a medical mama so that you may understand those mamas a little better. The more we understand one another, the more understanding and compassion we can extend to others, So, whatever you may be battling right now, I see you. I see you pushing through, putting on your smile and stylish outfits when necessary and giving your best. You are a rock star and the days you feel like being stylish-rock on, and those days you don't-rock on! Style can represent your feelings or trick you into feeling the way you need/want to feel. It can be a powerful tool. I am here to help you with any of that, on a budget and inspire you to find your own powerful/comfortable style that brings you joy, happiness or just gets you through a tough day.



Next up is outfits for Valentine's or Galentine's day events!

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