Hey there, if you are following our instagram @heelsandhappiness, you may have seen that I (Sara) have taken a leave from my profession (teaching) to care for the boys, more specifically Miles. Our two boys are around 16 months apart and they are very differently abled. Parker reached all of his milestones on time and is considered a "typical child." Miles is catching up on his milestones and is considered to be "atypical" due to the symptom of hypotonia (more on this in the post about Miles link in bio). Both children will do all the things and we will ensure this by exposing them to the professionals that can assist us in making this happen and providing our support, love and belief in them! They are loved, cared for, and they are both the CENTER of our world. #hypotoniawontstopme #differentlyabled #momstyleofboys

On that note, Parker is attending "school" during the week for half the day and he LOVES it. I mean, he doesn't want to get picked up. (insert sad mom face) We all hope they are well adjusted to walk away from us and go to school happy and whole, but when they actually do it, well, it's just hard. Miles, on the other hand, attends therapy four days a week. He has 2/3 sessions ranging from PT, OT, and Speech. As you may have already read, Isabel (our PT) saved us and Miles. She believed in his abilities and created a plan using all the resources and appropriate staff to get him where he needs to be. We are living it and there isn't enough I could say or do to thank her, so for now I try my best to share his story and her work to help others, too. His OT and Speech therapists are those that have become such important individuals on that team. This staff is the BEST around-kind, talented and determined to succeed. Some of you from the area have inquired about them and I am happy to direct you to them-just don't take our time-jk! So, back to this....Miles and I race around most days of the week to get to all of his therapies at St. Joesph Hospital in Tampa, Florida. We also plan fun outings on days and play dates to make the schedule less "work/therapy" oriented. Recently, Miles started walking unassisted before his 2nd birthday, which even writing this brings me to tears and reassures me that God meant for me to be home with him during this critical year. So, Mamas/Daddies or whomever you are juggling the thought, do what your heart tells you to do. It's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

Here we are, struggling to get into a routine, but flourishing within the chaos and doing some shopping, decorating and laughing along the way. Again...isn't the very name of this space; running on heels and happiness! We are LIVIN' it with some tears and therapy along the way.



Parker's look is @target

Sara's Denim is @target

I shop for the boys at:

Target, H&M, Boutiques (Butterbug in Tampa), and Amazon (DM if you see anything you'd like a link to)

@heelsandhappiness (a little bit of style and A LOT of laughter!)

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Spring and Summer are still for all the neutrals with pops of florals. I throw in anything straw/rattan/wicker or natural colored item to almost ANY outfit or any room in my home to add some texture and intrigue. I'm obsessed. It gives your outfit a timeless and polished look, in addition to the fact that this is the time to be outside in nature enjoying the beautiful weather!

Items to invest in for summer (as pictured above):

1. straw totes and bags (mine are here and here)

2. nude strappy heels and neutral wedges (here)

3. Distressed mom denim and a great skinny denim (here and here at Boutique OZ )

4. All the fun floral dresses and rompers

5. Transitional boots (pick any comfortable white or tan book)

6. Bum bag (also known as the fanny pack from the 80's) HERE

7. Levi's denim mom vintage mom shorts (A MUST BUY here)

8. Great pair of sunglasses and stackable bracelets

All items are also linked in our @liketoknowit app. Click here to get to it...SHOP OUR APP

Summer Looks to the right are all linked. I love shopping for spring/summer dresses and Kimonos at inexpensive places like Forever21 and Amazon.

My transitional pieces I invest more money in like boots, hats, denim and wedges/sandals. Hat on repeat from VICI is the Rocky Mountain Hat. Get on their waitlist because it sells out. I will update you when it's back in stock, too.

For work, I typically shop at Express or Ann Taylor for good quality pants and blazers. For heels and mules I search high and low for quality and comfort. Next posts coming up about work wear and patio remodel and kitchen updates! Stay Tuned!


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All items are linked on my @LiketoKnowIt account which is in the bio and send me a DM if you need a link, I respond quickly.

So, as I said on my instagram post when Dustin and I relocated to Tampa, Florida from a small rural town in Michigan we decided that we were going to live among the sunshine and palm trees inside and outside of our home. Our boho/coastal aesthetic has evolved and changed throughout the years, but recently we have really hit our stride with the influence of others and through lots and lots of trial and error. This is also spilled over into my attire, influencing me to find all the beautiful hats, dresses, denim, swimwear etc...for the BEST price. So, I wanted to share some small home renovations and some larger ones that are still in progress, that we have done on a really tight budget. If you are new here, I will find an inspiration picture/idea and I will find the similar look at a fraction of the cost. I will search high and low, so come follow along if you have a similar style and want the BEST deals around, I am your gal.

Favorite places to shop all things home:

Home Goods



Etsy (handmade items)


Marshalls and TJ Max


Favorite Places for Boho Chic Attire:


Free People


Boutique OZ (local from hometown)


All items linked!

We are currently doing our 2nd renovation on our kitchen. The first picture is the new quartz going into the bar that will be leveled-yay!!! The company doing the work is Classic Stone Gallery , which we highly recommend because they installed the first granite in all our bathrooms and kitchen 7 years ago. It's time for a change...

I'm so excited to share that soon.

More on the boys and being a mommy to a child with extra needs. The third picture is the a glimpse of our renovation of our pool patio. More on that! Check back soon, I'm going to get back into this blogging again.



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