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Our Superhero Mighty Miles is ONE!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

First birthday for us mothers have turned into such a big thing-and that's ok! But for moms like me it can be all encompassing and drain the fun out of it. I wanted Miles to have a special birthday. A meaningful birthday, that would be fun for everyone. He loves his brother, unfortunately, in his short year of life most of it has been in quarantine so it limits his interactions with others, however, he has developed a great bond with his family outside of Tampa (virtually) and my best friend's children, as well. His brother and bestie, Etta attended his birthday and he seemed happier than ever. Grandma made an appearance which is always life-changing. And of course, the first encounter with cake...ahhhh always crazy but SO FUN!

Here are my tips for throwing a child/toddler's virtual/in-person party:

  1. Set up a ZOOM for friends to watch the cake smashing and for HBD song

  2. Pick a theme and color scheme

  3. All the balloons (order an amazon arch and get a small helium tank)

  4. Make a cute High Chair banner and several other DIY banners for the decor (will upload a how-to)

  5. Use fabric and beaded garland from home to drape

  6. Wood accents are fun

  7. Use Florals for height on tables

  8. Make a book signing area

  9. Make a kids play area with toys/tents and fun books

  10. Make an adult area for food and drinks (a necessity)

  11. A "photo area" is nice for the birthday boy/girl and guests

  12. Order the cake-for 1st bdays the SMASH cake is free at most places (Publix included)

  13. Have an outdoor area for fun/eating

  14. Use plastic table coverings and washable fabric

  15. Put up fun pics of the bday boy/girl

  16. And remember all the balloons and cake possible! It will be a success!

Shop our @LiketoKnowI for all the Birthday Goodies that we used for our Superhero Miles' First Birthday!

These two Superheros are going to SAVE the stay tuned. Thanks for following along on our journey.

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