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Navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on a Budget

This sale is a great way to buy timeless, designer items for Fall at a discount. Our pieces from this sale have lasted us for several years. Many items will sell out, however, they will often restock so keep checking back. Set those alarms if you are a cardholder, access begins tomorrow 9:30 AM (ET) and 6:30 AM (PT)!

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We've been shopping the Anniversary Sale for many years and here are some of our quick tips to get the best bang for your buck:

  1. Become a cardholder

  2. Use your wish list (items sell out quickly) but they will re-stock hot items often

  3. Take an inventory of what you need most to guide your search

  4. Limit trendy items/go for timeless pieces

  5. A great pair of jeans (AG/Rag and Bone or Paige jeans are the brands that we gravitate towards)

  6. A great Fall hat-versatile color

  7. A few pairs of good booties

  8. One/two pair of flats or work appropriate shoes

  9. A couple great cardigans that can double as athleisure or work-wear

  10. One quality great necklace/watch that can be layered with trendy pieces

  11. A few high end make-up and hair items that you need (your hair and face should have the BEST products on them)

  12. A jacket-I live in Florida so I go for the lightest option

Here are some idea boards:

(shop above items here)

shop left photo here | shop middle photo here | shop right photo here

Timeless Items from previous sales:

Previous sale items: 1st Pic (Hat and Dress), 2nd Pic Booties (have in three different colors) and hat, 3rd Pic AG Jeans and Wedges

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