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Feelin' 22

What does going into the New Year mean for you? Do you make resolutions? Goals? Do you find yourself not reaching goals or someone who adheres to those goals? Well, my biggest goal for 2022 is to find more BALANCE and HAPPINESS. One major lesson I learned with motherhood is that you can do everything "right" or you can be your version of perfect and it will not make everything in life perfect. We are not in control of our destiny. We can give our best effort and achieve goals/success, however, that doesn't equate to happiness. Miles (my youngest son) has taught me to slow down, find happiness in each day, and that life will pass you by if you are always preparing/worrying about tomorrow. Take the time to stop and laugh, embrace family and friendships, great books, new ventures and live YOUR life! What truly makes you happy? Not to make light of this, but a really great deal on a great shoe or piece of furniture does bring a smile to my face! I hope to share those deals with you all!

Sequin dress and pants Style Trolly

This is what I found that makes me happy:

  1. Spending uninterrupted time with family/friends

  2. Exercise with others (being part of a team)

  3. Reading

  4. Being creative with clothing/decor and sharing it!

  5. Supporting other women and making them feel powerful/beautiful and supported!

  6. Connecting with other mothers (often times those with a child with a disability like mine)

  7. SLEEP- I like to sleep and I need to sleep (sounds silly but I think that as women we deprive ourselves of this so often that it makes us feel nuts!)

  8. FEELING organized (not perfect just slightly better and less cluttered:)

I only share these because maybe it will help me stay consistent to my goal and what makes me happy. And maybe writing down what truly makes you see your own happiness! I hope to make more connections with you all here. Next up is going to be Springing into Spring for Home and Attire, on a budget:) This girl love a great hat and boots for SPRING.

More coming on navigating motherhood, Spring fashion, Valentine's Day "stuff" and a little bit of home and a speck of fitness (and I mean as in the outfits-that's what I am here for-no exercise routines for me as I usually look pretty homely with old soccer clothing on (more on that later:) Night!

Happy weekending Babes!




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