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Hit the Spot with Target Dollar Spot!

Our go to spot to hit the spot when we have the itch to shop.

Hit the Spot with Target Dollar Spot

We are a sucker for the Target dollar spot! As a teacher and mom it has been a spot where I can count on finding inexpensive decor for the classroom, my home and my kids. During 'shelter in place' Target has been one of the only stores that we physically shop at while adhering to all the safety guidelines. On our last trip we hit up the dollar spot and as always, we were not disappointed.

Living in Florida, spring feels like Summer and we spend a great deal of time at our pool to keep our minds and bodies healthy and the “Sea Side Bar“ dollar spot collection was in the cart faster than you can say "cannon ball!"

Helpful tips for a beautiful and inviting outdoor space, big or small;

  1. Add pops of color that mimic the natural colors around you. I used the colors from the water in the pool and the light blue of the sky.

  2. Select items that are both functional and stylish for example citronella candle, tray for snacking, durable plates and pillows for lounging/pillow fights.

  3. Lots of layers make for a comfy and inviting area, pillows, layered rugs and towels.

  4. Lighting sets the stage for a fun with lighted/glow balls for the water or string lights!

“A backyard designed to be ‘a little piece of heaven’ can remake ordinary time and space into something memorable.” -Jan Johnson

Hope you enjoyed our outdoor space! We are making the most of everything in and around our home at this time!

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