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COVID Birthday Celebration

Celebrating in quarantine after unexpected COVID exposure.


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We can all agree that 2020 has had it's challenges. We could easily throw in the towel and wish for 2021 because this has been HARD, really hard, but I refuse to give up. I will not let the difficulties overshadow the important events and triumphs that have occurred this year. Two weeks ago Monday, we found out that our nanny, one amazing woman that has become part of our family, was exposed to COVID19 and she found out 6 days later that she was positive. She did everything according to protocol and she was so upset that she contracted this highly contagious virus from visiting one friend. I assured her that this is not her fault, we will get through this together. And that is just what we did. This birthday for us was quarantine style, even though I was negative for COVID19 and the boys showed no symptoms of the virus we decided that 14 days was necessary to be safe. So this birthday will be celebratory of all things positive in our own home with my people! Here we go, my list of 2020 things that I am grateful for...

  1. More time with family (my immediate and my parents)

  2. Our health (COVID free after direct exposure and Miles' clear MRI)

  3. Miles' diagnosis and perseverance

  4. Parker's progression with learning/love/acceptance

  5. Blogging journey with my SIL

  6. Zoom Happy Hours with my best girls (connecting with those out of state)

  7. Learning to live in the moment

  8. Updates on our home

  9. Time to reflect and plan for our future

  10. Enlightening myself on racial justice in our country and how to be part of the solution

My birthday was different and small, but still just as perfect as any other birthday. We usually spend the day with our friend couples and another day with my girls. I love spending the entire week celebrating because I LOVE being with people, socializing, dressing up and dancing. This year we got expensive Starbucks coffees, drove around looking at beautiful homes, napped, and we planed to get take-out Mexican food to eat in the park. Well, it rained so we made a "fort" as Parker would call it and ate Mexican food and drank delicious margaritas. My friend stopped by to drop gifts and her presence was so needed. I talked her ear off. When she left, the four of us snuggled in to watch a movie. It was a pretty nice day overall, but the best present of all was given to me near the end of our day. Our sweet Miles was holding himself up on his forearms for some 15 minutes with the head control of a champion...miracles happen, God is great, and sometimes when you least expect it He shows you that He will take care of you. I am so grateful for those 15 minutes, they made my year, 2020! I will look forward to my next blessing, in 2020. (check the video)

Tips for COVID celebration:

Wear comfy but stylish clothing


Order food locally

Write letters and gratitude lists

Laugh, LOVE and Lounge

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I wore this super fun and comfy jumpsuit from Boutique OZ, use our code to get a discount. I also always wear this Faith/Fear necklace because the quote means so much to my family and it was a gift from my best friend.

Keep those lights up to enjoy for the week.



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