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Busy Bees Sleep WELL

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Creating a schedule for your kids that will keep them happy, engaged and active both mind and body.


Both Molly and I are #boymoms and each have two boys. She is a #boss and oversees marketing and sale at 14 different Atrium Health Centers and her boys are with their Grammie during the work day. On the other hand, I am home with my boys and helping my youngest son with physical therapy throughout the day.

To keep the boys engaged and active throughout the day and to keep my sanity I devised a master plan. We all know active kiddos rest better at night. Years of teaching and a being a mom of two has taught me a couple tricks that could help you create a master plan, as well. Although, quarantine will eventually end, there is still summer break or even just holiday time off school. I am no expert, but I am always learning and growing from the advice and guidance of my tribe of mamas. Your #momtribe is your lifeline!

#1 Create a Schedule

When creating a schedule factor in rest, exercise, outdoor activity, meals, independent play and learning. WRITE it down on paper/chalkboard, whiteboard or pin it to your fridge. It needs to be accessible to your entire family. Kids thrive in a structured environment. They need to know what to expect. It's ok to deviate on occasion, however, routines create stability.

#2 Be Prepared

Plan your activities for the week. I use a monthly calendar (chalkboard) so that I write the learning/physical goals for each child. I also plan at least 4 activities for the week. Check out the list below.

#3 Create designated spaces in your home for different activities

This is important for both you and your children. You shouldn't eat in your bedroom-I learned this the hard way. Also, art activities should be done in a contained environment (garage) preferable near a bathtub or sink.


Kids will LOVE books if you share and read with them. There will never be a "bad time" to read with your child or let them read or as Parker does often "pretend reading" to be like mommy and daddy. Set up a cuddly space (we have a tent) and throw some stuffed animals and pillows in there for reading time.

#5 Rotate Toys

I learned this the hard way. Too many toys are overwhleming and my kids tend to shut down or use only one toy in the bunch. I bring the mini-trampoline in the house, out to the gargage, near the pool or in the lawn. Each time I move it my oldest son acts like it is brand new. BAM, no need to buy more!

#6 Give your child "duties"

My toddler can do so much more than I would have ever dreamed he could do. He is required to put away his dishes, brush his own teeth, make the bed, grab clothes (sometimes I change the outfit), throw away items for garbage, pick up, help with the dogs and cleaning. When they have responsiblities they feel success and happiness.

#7 Celebrate their Success and Work

Create a space to display artwork or favorite books. My oldest loves to see his work up and refers to the experience over and over again. It makes us both smile.

If all else fails get some bubbles!

Please share with us what you do to keep your kids active!

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