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How to navigate and use to shop and find influencers you love!


I am sure that you may have seen on many Instagram or Facebook photo captions referencing or things like 'shop this look here..' followed by random letters and number. Ringing any bells? Good, let me explain. is a platform that has completely transformed the world of marketing and social influencing. This platform has an app and webpage that holds thousands of social influencer's favorite fashion finds and home goods that can be shopped by consumers. The best aspect is when you are scrolling through Instagram and see an influencer wearing a top you like, now you can find her top with a direct link to it. It's insanely genius!

We are on the app often looking for affordable outfit ideas, great Amazon steals or outfit style inspiration. All the work is done for you on, you just have to find the outfit or image you like, double tap or screenshot that picture on Instagram, and then you can shop the photo.

The app works with a number of retailers and not only expensive high priced brands. The app allows you to search tags like, #ltkunder50 or #ltkunder100. These tags are used by influencers to indicate how affordable their outfit is. 

Step by Step How To Navigate 

  1. Download the LiketoKnowit App in the App Store 

  2. Sign up on the app with your instagram name or just your email address 

  3. Start shopping either on Instagram or on the app! 

Shopping on the app; you can find the links to the items pictured directly below the photo. If you still want to receive an email to find the product again, then "like" the picture or screenshot the photo in the app. 

Shopping LTKI through instagram, look for the LTKI symbol in the bottom right corner of the photo (see example below). This symbols helps indicate that it is a shoppable picture through the app. If you like that picture or screenshot it, you will also get an email with the links to everything you'll want to buy later.

Now, you can follow your favorite influencers within the app itself such as @HeelsandHappiness. Making it easier to open the app and shop your favorite influencers. See the images below for a step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Open the app and click the search icon in the bottom right corner.

  2. Select Influencer Search

  3. Type in Heels and Happiness

  4. Tap the 'follow' button. That's it! 

OK! That's it! So, head on over to The App Store now and download the app if your don't have it, because it will change your closet and your outlook on style forever! If you have the app search influcencers and give us a follow, you won't be sorry!

Check out our page!

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