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Quarantine Athleisure

Comfortable enough to lounge in, supportive enough to sweat in!


When my world gets a little crazy and disconcerting, I make conscious effort to help keep my body and mind healthy.


I don't know about you, but my world is crazy right now! It is easy to feel out of control when being told we cannot leave the house. Therefore, we focusing on what I can control and that is my mental stability. A few years ago I read the book, What Made Maddy Run, that reminds me to check on my friends and loved ones during difficult times.

As we are all in a different world than a couple months ago, we here at ROHH are trying to find our new "normal" whatever that might look like. Although we may not be leaving the house everyday it doesn't mean that we have to forgo both style and comfort. This is where we are focusing sticking to a routine, (trying to) eat well, and move our bodies and each day. Don't get us wrong, we often skip a shower or wear the same shirt two days in a row. We are setting goals to get dressed, even the kids, each day to prepare for the day. Now our attire may be less flashy and more functional than my typical go to outfits, but right now comfort is KEY!

Our days (Sara & Molly) look slightly different even though we are both sheltering in place, but what we have in common is we are both keeping busy to stay sane and using athlesuire as our uniform. It only made sense that we share with you our go to favorite athlesuire looks.

Shop the look: | Leggings | Crop-Top | Peloton Tread | Shoes | Camo Tee

"Summer bodies are made in the quarantine."

A few of Moll'y favorite athleisure items are high waisted Zella leggings that hold everything in and keep a tight look. A lose fitting u-neck tank paired with the most comfortable sports bra by Free People and a pair of New Balance Fuel Core tennis shoes. Please don't tell my (Molly) husband that I own three pairs in different colors. These are by far the most comfortable shoes I own!


Stay hydrated, eat well and move your body, but most importantly, check in with your friends and family during these crazy times.

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